Off The Grid

Welcome to the Off Grid Area! The Greenest Neighbourhood of the Festival. Here we show you how things can be done differently! We invite you to widen your gaze, become aware, empower yourself to make positive changes in your life. We develop towards ecological and social balance that enhances and supports life on earth and all its inhabitants! Here you’ll find many sustainable little area’s; The Generation Home, Material Flow, Future Lab, WoodCarvers, CraftmansKingdom, Tiny Village Area, Natural Learning Area, Re-Wildering Area and EcoVillages.

Offgrid & Sustainable Living

Sustainability - aiming through co-creation for ecological and social balance that enhances and supports the life of the planet and all its inhabitants

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Generation Home

The place where sharing wisdom is key!

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Woodcarvers Corner

Lots of action, chainsaws, chissels, powertools or fire, these 8 artists put it to use and make wood art that will amaze you.

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