Monkey Town

Welcome to Monkeytown! A place where we color the world with bananas, music, creativity & fun. In this jungle we leave no monkey behind and we provide all monkeys with a big dosis of energetic live bands and the grooviest DJ’s! Together we swing by the elements and dance around the Holy Banana! Which monkey are you? Come find out at MonkeyTown, where monkeys go bananas.

This neighbourhood is hosted by: Colored Monkeys

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These monkeys just released their debut E.P. in a packed Metropool. From jazz to funk, from Hip Hop to the biggest instrumental party of the jungle! Monkeys all party till it’s AUFGLAUFT!

Backattack Soundsystem

Roots Reggae, Rock Steady, Dub & Steppers

These Earth Monkeys will turn up the bass! With their 7000 Watt soundsystem they will spin the finest Roots Reggae, Rock Steady, Dub & Steppers! Together with their chanters, toaster & steaming brass section they will mash up the jungle!


This new and upcoming band is gonna shake up the jungle with their groovy Rock ‘n Roll! These monkeys know how to catch a vibe with a twitch of soul and blues. Let’s welcome these new monkeys


What happens when a european monkey mixes her thoughts with all other regions of the jungle? They grow in all views about life, people and music. This wonderful dutch singer grew her musical roots in Africa while traveling. Together with this international band she shows us a path of unity!


Maybe one of the most all round artist of the jungle. Collaborations with bands as Knarsetand & NNENN, co productions with the producer of Thomas Azier, but now his solo show as a producer. Step into the magical world of deep basses, breathing synths and a twitch of the dalfsen soberness. A local with worldwide intentions!

Fake ID

Let’s punk it up! This Reggae, Ska, Punk band has one mission: To pump as much energy, and good vibes into the jungle, so monkeys gather up and give them some positive energy back!


Reflecting the time we live in, FRÉ brings nature’s songs. Perfect for a festival like The Living VIllage, because this band is all about the love and appreciation for planet earth and everyone who lives on it! This basic thought, combined with the musical background of the artists results in a broad spectrum of sounds and grooves rooted in jazz flavour.

Heavy Faces

Blending an intense mix of neo-soul, rock, hip-hop and reggae with many elements of pop music that speaks to the younger generation. Choosing to use their technical skills for everything from poetic song texts, improvisations, open ended soundscapes and heavy deep-pocketed grooves, Heavy Faces is a band that has something for everyone with an open mind and an open heart.

I’m With Stupid

Good thing to know: we’re all monkeys and we’re all with stupid! Together we create, dance, and get back to the dubby atmospheres of the deep jungle and celebrate the Holy Banana. This is a reggae band that isn’t afraid to work hard, play hard!

No Wow

Let’s pump up the vibe with this Lo-FI Trash Blues Rock Trio. These monkeys know how to stir up the jungle of MonkeyTown; 2 guys and girl who know just what to do to get you whipping your hair and moving your feet, old school style!


Afrobeat, Funk & Fusion

One world! With styles from all jungles over the world they take you back in time! They’ll fire you up with Afrobeat, shake you up with Funk, but surely they will challenge you with an injection of Fusion. All in one like the ancient days: Pangea!


Half a century of musical experience joins heads and their melting pot contains a fresh blend of the finest herbs like Klezmer, Ska, Reggae and Polka. With their live performance they bring that to boil. Then add a large amount of soul for extra flavour to get a taste of this unique flavored dance vibe! Papaformigas are here to turn up the jungle of Monkeytown!

Ronny Dunbar & Two Tone Tommy

With Ronny Dunbar and Two Tone Tommy we bring out the freshest DJ’s of this part of the jungle. Traveled all around the world they collected the sweetest Cumbia, Reggae, Ska, Balkan, Hip Hop, Rock ‘n Roll and Dub to serve the people of Monkeytown!

Shitfaced Mermaids

What happens when you mix mermaids with pirates? Everybody gets shitfaced - so that’s what this family of Monkeys come for! Let’s salute them and dance along the campfire on their, pirate/gypsy/klezmer rhythms.


Packed with two guitars, a bass and a violin, these four monkeys bring you the tales of the hard days working life. In a mix of Americana, blues, folk and bluegrass they make sure you become part of their tales in this mixture of dance-able alternative western folk!

Terra Volta

An exciting world blend, influenced by ska and reggae, will turn any party into a dancing crowd!

They just released their debut E.P., but that’s not the only reason to get them to Monkeytown! These great musicians are the magicians of vibe & crowd! Get charmed by their steamy and uptempo music of laughter. These troubadours are here to complete the circus of Monkeytown!

The Irrational Library

Talking to people means using the power of words. The monkeys of Irrational Libraries understand this like no others. They bring a mix of protest and a unique story; powerful, energetic music mixed with spoken word! Come dance & free your mind!

The Koalaz

These are the youngest monkeys of the jungle and perhaps the most friendly. The fact is Koalaz have no enemies in nature, so they come in peace! This energetic group of youngsters are blending a nicely Reggae vibe with spacepop to celebrate life with a touch of thought!

The Magic Mumble Jumble

Every monkey is searching for freedom. Exactly this feeling, being free in the moment, is what brought this band together. Don’t run away from the full spectrum of emotions! This is what we are, this is where our home is. Come join the jungle with a John Lennon-esque vibe and all the world will turn green!

The Uppertunes

These monkeys always play the uppertune! With a daring mix of Jazz, Latin, Fusion, Reggae and Hip Hop these fresh youngsters bring passion originality and interaction to Monkeytown. Born ready to perform and let all monkeys wonder about life, music and bananas!

Young Tree


The monkeys favourite upcoming reggae band from the region. With their inspiration from bands like Groundation & Cat Empire they are ready to heat up the jungle and bring some roots fire to your heart!