Material Flow

Let’s talk about Trash, baby!

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to make festivals more environmental friendly? Fields full of crunched plastic cups, bins full of plastic foodplates, and dozens of tents that get left behind at the campsite. Is it possible to do that differently? Yes, it is!

In CoCreation with our Trashqueen Samantha Feelix from FeelixActs, The Living Village Festival has created it’s own wasteplan and even dedicated a whole neighbourhood to it!

This “On-Site Material Flow” is a vital part of our Living Village and everybody will encounter it somehow. We think that our waste should stay in the circle of the festival by means of using it to create stuff! We don’t see trash as waste but as re-usable materials.

Sustainability guide

Everybody is responsible for their own waste, so keep each other alert, help where it’s needed and Respect Your Planet!

Samantha Feelix

> Welcome to The Material Flow 2018!

Material Flow – Beauty-Full Festival Policy (SchoonHeid Beleid) - Leave No Waste Management

This year we will be separating material waste, as in 2017, and bring the Beauty-Full Festival Policy to its full capacity in the Village….. by focusing on the Material FLOW ;) As much as possible at there will be a clear and visible link made between harvested materials during ‘waste’ pick-up shifts and their possible UPCycle use during the festival – for workshops in the Material Flow Area, as well as materials for Plastic shredding experiments in the Off-Grid Area, or as building materials in the Living Village Garden.

> Bring your own dishes

Our Bars have only deposit glasses, and here’s another thing: We ask all of you to bring your own plates, cups and cutlery. We don’t offer plastic wasteplates at our foodtrucks. There are washing streets at all catering spots where you can wash your stuff and leave it in a cupboard. This means your cups n plates will circulate in the Village!

Don’t worry, some foodtrucks will provide bamboo or paperplates, we have extra cutlery sets in case you forget, and there will also be experiments in the Material Flow Neighbourhood in making plates from leaves.

> Collect & Recycle

During the festival you will find containers where you can leave your trash in seperated bins. Our volunteers will hold ongoing acts and performances while collecting the waste from everywhere. After that the waste will be brought to our Material Flow Neighbourhood, where it can be immediately re-used in building projects or in creative workshops like making Trash Trays of Tetra Packs or couches from plastic bottles: so on-spot recycling it is!

> Material Flow Workshops 2018;


Educative and experimental UPCycle Hands-On workshops will be organised by the Material Flow-ers who, as a group, will guide volunteers and visiting Villagers young and older, through the complete ‘wasted materials ’ process in the Village.

Our HEADLINERS are Plastic, Bio-Waste, Textiles, Glass, Tin Cans,Tetra Paks .... and whatever else you may find in the Village ;)

Our UPCycle THEMES are Wednesday - Friday - FESTIVAL TOOLS = Cup/Plate/Cutlery/ Tetrapak Stash Bag/TrashTray, Rocket Stoves for Campers andsuch Friday – Sunday – also - FUN, FASHION , MUSIC. Saturday afternoon 1700 in the MF Area we host a small expo of created objects/ catwalk/ music try-out. Sunday afternoon from 1500 - 1700 we celebrate the MF Area with an UPSound Aria UPCycle Instrument Concert lead by Jacob Plooij.

In the Material FLOW In the Living Village Garden – Hugelbed and wormbox building and workshops – with Bouwie (The Village Garden) en Samantha Feelix (DeelTuin Community)

In the OFF-GRID Area Plastic shredder/melter - seperating plasticand types upplying materials for Sjoerd Vikings plastic shredder

The “Hands – On” Beauty-Full Festival Policy and The Villagers Guide to Sustainability Are available to read and ask questions about in the Material Flow Area, and are being presented during readings and design your own sessions.

READINGS in the Generation House Friday - Compost Toilets for Public Events and Projects Saturday - Material Flow for Events and L:ocal Projects Sunday - Bio-Waste in the Garden including Hugelbeds and Wormboxes)