Machine Elves

This year our electronic stage will get a total make-over :) A group of very talented artists and musicians joined forces and will bring you a fresh, inspiring, magical and amazing stage. With years of experience in the psytrance scene, this neighbourhood promises to be the place to be for some serious dancing!

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Audio Terrorist

Full-On Psytrance

"DJ Audio Terrorist was born in Bolsward, a small town in the North of
The Netherlands. He once had an amateur drive-in-show with his neighbour
when he was 11 years old.

DJ Audio Terrorist began listening to GOA Trance when he moved to Leeuwarden in 2007, where he met DJ Nilezz. At that time he played guitar in a punkband. After he went to several Psy Trance festivals he wanted more GOA!

In the beginning of 2010 he started messing around with turntables. He
started playing only Progressive Psy-Trance because he didn't have his
own CD's. Eversince there was a 3rd BIT DJ-booth in his own house, he
was absolutely wild about mixing Psy-Trance. When DJ Nilezz, DJ Anand and DJ Paul B
spotted his dedication to mixing, they motivated him to find out which
kind of Psy-Trance he really enjoyes most. It turned out to be Full-On
filled with thrilling basslines and a high dose of melodic experiences
which he prefers. DJ Audio Terrorist's first set on a 3rd BIT party was
in april 2011. A young and fresh perspective on GOA Trance!


Acid, Electro, Live Electronic Music



Cbrah is het solo project van Dj/Producer Tony Nobel uit Deventer. Binnen de stijl drum and bass speelt hij met onder andere neurofunk, halftime en andere subgenres. In een dynamische set vol spannende breaks en onverwachte turns neemt hij je mee naar zijn energetische wereld waarin stil staan geen optie is.

Deejay Fev-elina

Electronic Tribe, Ragga, Drum & Bass, Balkanic Trance

My name is Fev but i'm performing as Deejay Fev-elina. My style is...hmmm,i don't really have "one" music style,cause i think there is so much nice music in this world that's why i don't want to fixate myself on just "one" genre! That's also the reason why i have a big music-collection with a lot of different genres and its every time a challenge for me to create a different atmosphere according to the place and audience and i think the art of a dj is to feel what the people on the dance floor like and to keep them on the dance floor!If i had to describe my gigs it would be"from Balkan till Tekno"(means a potpourrie of all kinds of music,according to where i am&what kind of evening&audience it is)but my heart&specialty is "Global" in all kinds&colors,by example:Balkan,Gypsy,Arab,Turkish,India,Bellydance,African,Salsa,Raga,Reggae,Dub,Tribe and divers fusions between all of this with a lot of natural instruments like a lot of drums,didgeridoo,sitar),sometimes very traditional and sometimes mixed with electronic music(Jungle,Drum&Bass,Electro,Tribe),so the music that i play is very powerful,rhythmic&dancable!(but i also have more chilly stuff) I also love&play other kinds of music (from 80-ties,Funk,Soul,Disco,Rock,Ska,Ambient,Lounge,Electro,Drum&Bass,Goa,Trance...till Tekno,according to what i'm booked for!!) I'm born&raised in Vienna/Austria (till the age of 19)grew up between the gypsy's,slavic and turkish people and since i was a baby i was already a lot of times in Croatia&Slovenia,that's probably also why i have a very strong connection with east european countries,languages&cultures&for sure u can hear that back in the music i play.Since 29 years i live in Rotterdam/Holland but the past couple of years i mostly played in other countries like Slovenia (Jalla Jalla,Klub Gromka,Channel Zero,Rog,Zlati Zob,Rozna Dolina)or Austria (Ostklub and divers partys),Portugal:Esplanada da Mata,Freequency festival,LX Casting club,Los Angeles, Sierra Nevada in Spain&now i'm busy to get more gigs in Holland&other countries! I used to sing in some bands in the past and years ago i was already turning records sometimes,but for the past 10 years i'm more serious busy with dj-ing,also now i'm dj-ing with my laptop(mac)which is very practical cause u always have all your music-collection with u. In Holland i played in: Psy Fi,Waterfront,Paard van Troje-cafe,De Parade,Off Corso,Ahoy,Grounds,also i organized for a while a special evening in the Exit(Global Beatz&Gypsy Tunes),Worm,Het Slaakhuis,Poolcenter,Robodock,De Machinist,Cyborg,Het Poortgebouw,Willens&Wetens,One-day_in-my-garden-festival,Fullmoon Babylon,Manhatten,Cafe Voigt,Fullmoon Babylon,De Avontuur,Cafe the Library&a lot of different privat partys.


Progressive House, Deep House

When DepGlobe was about 8 years old he started listening to Dutch radio shows like “The Rock and Roll Method” and became a fan of Gene Vincent, Elvis and The Beatles. He bought his first 12” single in 1981 and that was New Order’s “Everything’s Gone Green” But it wasn’t New Wave only, men like Patrick Cowley and Giorgio Moroder had their influence on DepGlobe as well in the early 80-ties. Inspired in 1983 by Ben Liebrand, DepGlobe started making his own mixes. His “cut and paste” mixes were played at high school parties and he started DJ-ing at student parties. From 1998 until 2003 he made several mix CD’s in three different genres: ClubSession 1-7, GlobalTrance 1-6 and influenced by John Creamer, Stephane K, Lemon8 and Deep Dish he started his Massive Progressive Series 1-6 and spread them among friends. In the years to follow it became more and more clear that DepGlobe’s style is Progressive, although DepGlobe’s favorite tracks are sometimes hard to describe; is it progressive techno, is it just progressive, techno, tech house or deep house? Since 2011 DepGlobe is present on SoundCloud and after publishing his Lowlands Series he started DepGlobe’s NoEgo Sounds in November 2011. Since that time DepGlobe was present on United Radio, InsomaniaFM, Frisky Radio and several other radio shows and doing gigs at Techno and Deep House parties.

DJ Divana

Fusion, ecstatic, ethnic beats, psychedelic grooves, tribal vibes, jazzy flavors, funky house

Inspired by his Persian roots, DivanA enchants the audience with genre-bending tunes from all around the world. He has been playing at clubs, festivals, workshops & raves for over ten years (previously under his other alias Navcore). As a resident DJ of Odessa Amsterdam and Ecstatic Dance Rotterdam, he intuitively tunes in to the crowd and communicates with them in the language of music. Expect an unexpected blend of ethnic beats, psychedelic grooves, tribal vibes, jazzy flavors, funky house & other fusion styles. He will play a dedicated chillout set at the Chill Out Loud stage and a groovy uptempo set at the Machine Elves stage.

Dj Ednarok

electronik, acoustik, ecstatik, psychedelik, hypnotik

Ednarok's fusing intuitive world (and out of this world) beats and melodies into a magical dance journey. It's a meeting of ancient and future, of organic and syntetic , of peace and brutality, evoking the spectrum of emotions between" ~ Ednarok and playing music is like the Universe spiraling the Galaxies

DJ Megafonix

Progressive Psytrance

DJ Megafonix is a young up and coming DJ from the sleepy city of Norwich. In 2014, he was taken to his first hard dance event. He immediately fell in love with the harder styles of dance music. He immediately brought his first set of decks and began to learn the art of mixing. Within a few short years he has earned the residency of local hard dance and psytrance events, earning the reputation of being an enthusiastic and energetic DJ. Keep your eye on this young DJ. He is sure to go far.


Dark, industrial and/or dub techno

DJENGO is a DJ & producer from Zwolle, The Netherlands. His style varies from electro to techno, from breakbeat to drum 'n bass and from acid to tekno. Has been organizing multiple events and has an upcoming EP planned to be released on vinyl. Has been DJ'ing at illegal parties, festivals around Zwolle and different clubs.


Psytrance (forest)

First love for electronics sinds 1982 when dj’s start mixing and scratchin vinyl was instantly hook and start becoming a dj.It was difficult to get vinyls on my home island so I couldn’t grow further as a dj, in 2000 I came to the Netherlands and start piking up my dj skills and started organising small partys , sinds I took my first psychedelic trip in 1996 I start leaning more toward psychedelic music but still keeping my love for the roots jungle dub, influences that you for shore will hear on my sets .


Psychedelic Trance / Morning Psytrance

Since 2007 I started to play music on vinyl and soon after started to organize my own parties. I always loved psytrance a lot and have been playing in a heaps of locations in Holland. Later also started to play different genres like Drum and Bass, Electro, Electro swing, Dub, Chill out and Psybient. Have been playing in Germany, Belgium, India and South Africa aswell. My musical journey is far from finished and love to contribute to your amazing festival


Oriental House

Syrian DJ and Producer based in Netherlands ,came here with from origin oriental music ,sharing with feelings and experiences.


Electronica Balkanica / Orient Explosivz


Experimental, future beat

Hobby producer

Izumi Yamamoto

World Music

Seeks to overcome an separation of art forms and genres for a intergrated artistic approach. Engages experimental and pattern such as grids, mouth percussion, piano and synthesizer


Electronic, IDM, Techno, Electro, Space

"Jarno is known as the headstrong co-founder of Stamppasta and the owner of Mobiel Vinyl in de Zwolsche scene. Home in every corner of the music. His roots are in the Drum&Bass and Tekno scene, but now his focus is on his company Mobiel Vinyl where he plays a wide mix of Soul, Funk, HipHop, Dub and Electro.

With his musical roots in de Drum&Bass and Tekno he doesn’t hesitate to accept an opportunity to play a mix of these genres every now and then. Currently he mainly aims for the Electronic, IDM, Techno, Electro Sound. Inspired by artists like Nils Frahm, Max Cooper, Gesloten Cirkel, Maceo Plex, David August and more, he decided to expand his vinyl set with Traktor Scratch. With this he can comfortably work in a digital world while still using turntables. "




Edgy psytrance, full-on

DJing since 2001. Mischa travels between day and night styles.

Parallel Universe

Acid Techno

Parallel Universe is a Live-Electronic Project between Reza Bashi and Izumi Yamamoto.

Paul B

Forest Psy / Dark Psy

"DJ Paul B was born in Ireland, raised by a French father and a Dutch mother. He has been living in the Netherlands since 1988.

DJ Paul B was into Punk / Metal until he discovered the psychedelic rock
band Ozric Tentacles in 1997, which changed his perspective of music
and in 1998 he landed on his first Psy-Trance party. From that day on,
he was hooked to Psy-Trance and almost immediately started buying
Psy-Trance records.

DJ Paul B’s first gig was in 2001 and since then many have followed. DJ
Paul B is the founder of 3rd BIT events, which started in 2002. Since
2005 he is a DJ for Trishula records and since 2014 for Forest Freaks.
DJ Paul B loves to play a wide variety of Dark Psy and Forest. Twisted
and Funky, Night and Morning; solid and deep music for night and day.
Though he prefers to play this style, he also sometimes plays Chill-Out


Funky Progressive & Psychedelic Techno

Sound artist and electronic musician Daniel Maalman performs electronic music in a variety of flavours, that cover a wide range of styles, under the alias of Polymer. This wide range of styles all have a common denominator: they all could be described as psychedelic music. Atmospheric and dreamy ambient, psychedelic dub, funky dub-techno, groovy electronica, but also melodic and hypnotic progressive psychedelic techno. "In my musical endeavours I like to find the borders of what defines a style, to subsequently ignore this border by stirring something else into it that I like, to make something I haven't heard before. Since I improvise while I play live most of the times, without a fixated storyline, no performance is ever exactly the same."




Dark, uptempo and percussion-heavy techno.

Composer and producer of electronic music with the focus on ambient, downtempo and techno. May seem like an odd combination but preferably I combine all three as much as possible and my sound is recognizable throughout these genres. For this application I am focussing more on the dancefloor side of my music, which is techno (see 'Link to demo' box for my techno promo, it's not on my main soundcloud page yet). Besides creating music purely for listening pleasure I also apply my music to media such as animation, film and installation. I started this kind of work while finishing my study Composition and Music Technology at the Utrecht School of Arts. This has given me a wide variety of styles and sounds to combine and work with.


Fullon Pystrance, Dark/Forest Psytrance

DJ SHIVANKI hails from the Netherlands. She has been spinning decks and making party decor since 2007. Her love for Psy Trance began when she experienced her first Goa party in Rotterdam. She used her drive and passion to help perfect her sound and soon joined 3rd BIT events, after being discovered by founder Paul B in 2012. Shivanki stays faithful to the roots of Psy Trance, selecting tracks that she feels best represent the style she chooses to play, whether that is dark psy or full on. She quotes: “I have been a dancer from the moment I could stand on my feet, and a singer since I could make sound. My sets will invite you to the dance floor, so that you can dance the night away

Tim Tucan

a pleasant tapestry of ethnical, warm sounds and psychedelic techno

Scientists presume that Tim Tucan spent his youth as a feral child in the Mexican jungle, surviving solely on pineapples and other large fruits. After several headlines about his discovery, Tim Tucan disappears off the radar, only to be discovered again years later in Eastern Europe. Here he was part of a travelling circus and raised furor with his bizarre act of balloon animals. After a big blow from the banking crisis of 2011, Tim Tucan decides to switch careers and take on a more financially secure job – that of a musican. Ever since Tim Tucan has been known for his colourful DJ-sets, which incorporate the sounds and experiences from his eventful past.




Dark Progressive Psytrance

Inspired by the sounds of Zenon Records, Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Uroboros and the like. Vitruvius' choice of songs brings the perfect balance between sharp, funky rhythmics and banging basslines to the dancefloor.

Yarun Dee

A fusion of electronic music mixed with shamanic, tribal and oriëntal sounds.

The music Yarun Dee plays is a fusion of electronic music mixed with shamanic, tribal and oriëntal sounds from around the planet. The feeling on the dance floor is spacious and grounding at the same time. Subtile and compelling melodies, strong and earthy beats. Rhythms that make your body want to dance, your mind to become silent and your spirit to expand. In the past several years he has been a resident at Odessa and Club Lite in Amsterdam. Where he played at conscious events like Ecstatic Dance, The Chocolate Club, Tantric Dance and Shine. Playing at Ecstatic Dances throughout The Netherlands and Europe. Right now he also is a resident at Ecstatic Dance Utrecht and Ecstatic Dance Odessa Amsterdam.