Kids PlayGround

Kids up to 12 yrs have Free Entrance to The festival, on the Camping Grounds there is an extra quiet area for visitors who will bring their kids. And of course there is also lots to do for them! In our Kids Playground there is space to move: play circus, creative yoga or dance! Find out what great stuff you can make with materials from Nature and see some old crafts or try them! Work together in coop games and adventure. Or experiment in our energy and herbal cosmetic labs. Tired? Enjoy a circus show, gypsy story or live music and bake some delicious food.. We also offer some specific workshops for toddlers as well as teenagers! Welcome home...

Our Kids Area is hosted by: Occii KinderPret Occii on fb

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Anarcho Badge collective brings the button machine! (6+ and teenagers)


Choose your illustration or make one yourself and make great buttons

Blacklight Beestenbende slingers, Creating blacklight garlands All ages & Teenagers

Floating Media

Create more deco for the kids area that will glow in the dark of the shortest night!

Creative Animal yoga (4-6)

Floating Media

Make wings and tails and join Rachel in the yoga adventures of the animals!

De verloren Elfen Sleutel en het Levende Dorp

Heel lang geleden heette het dorp Dalfsen nog geen Dalfsen, maar ‘Das Alfenheim’ : Het Rijk van de Elfen.

De verloren Elfen Sleutel en het Levende Dorp

Heel lang geleden heette het dorp Dalfsen nog geen Dalfsen, maar ‘Das Alfenheim’ : Het Rijk van de Elfen.

Koning Boberon en Koningin Durka woonden hier heel gelukkig samen met hun volk. Jarenlang leefden de Elfen en Mensen gelukkig naast elkaar. Maar toen het voor de Elfen te druk werd, verhuisde het koningspaar en hun volk naar andere planeten.

Nu komen Koning Boberon en zijn Koningin Durka, samen met hun complete gevolg, één keer per duizend jaar terug naar Dalfsen, om te kijken hoe het gaat met het mensenvolk.

En die ene keer is precies dit jaar!

Op woensdag 20 Juni komt het Elfenvolk aan, maar zij zijn nog op zoek naar de oude sleutel, die nodig is voor de oude Toverboom, om het Levende Dorp te bezoeken en bekijken.

Komen jullie koning Boberon en zijn Elfen helpen?

Maak dan op school een magische elfen sleutel van verzameld zwerfafval en kom op woensdag 20 Juni naar
het Levende Dorp om met de sleutel het slot in de Toverboom te openen.

Didgeridoo workshop (10+)

Circus Mesjogge

Learn how to play this vibrating instrument by Mark Dekkers

Hoolahoop workshop (8+)

Circus Mesjogge

Moving in circles, learn the art of hoolahoop for beginners by Nadia

Interactive dance theatre with Freya, an Eskimo myth (4+)

Conscious Kids

The Eskimo story of The quarrel between Sun and Moon can be joined by the kids through dance, yogamoves and mudra's

Make your pizza


Choose your favourite toppings and bake the best pizza ever

Mini Garden (a family workshop)


A family workshop to make a minigarden with focussed attention, to take care fore afterwards at home

Nestbouwers , (Nestbuilders)

Floating Media

Building big cardboard box houses for the toddlers to play

Open workshop circle to taste old crafts

Ambachten kring (Craft Circle) With Ppauw, Occii Kinderpret & Lydia

Join us to taste the old crafts; carve stones, spin the wheel, weave twigs, felt and dye whool, make stone&copper pendants and buil a mini stone age hut!

Parent & Kids dance workshop (babies & toddlers)


Rineke invites you to come with your toddler, enjoy a little animal story and dance together on it.

Teenage Yoga (10+)

Floating Media

Movement in motion, surprise yourself with what your body can do!

Workshop seedbombs (4+)

Sameena Seeds Sower

Make seedbombs with local riverclay, and take them home to bomb a bare piece of land..

workshop African Ubuntu 8+

Judith van Woudenberg

"It takes a village to raise a child..."
We will experience this South African ubuntu tradition of sharing and cooperating by dancing, playing and feeling to discover the power of a community and feel the connection between us all. 8+ Every age, also for adults who are curious...

Workshop: 15:00 - 16:00 at the Kids Playground!

Workshop bread baking by Hans & Wieteke

Reizend Broodje

The mobile bakery has a wood oven and all other tools and ingredients for baking you own delicious raisin bread. You learn the whole process from grain till bread

workshop Build a Fountain

Ed and Rana

Out of upcycled materials like old garden hoses pet bottles, wood and more, we will make together a real dream/wish/playground fountain!

Workshop: 13:00 - 15:00 at the Kids Playground!

Workshop Dragonfly (4+)


Make an insect out of natural materials from around...MooiZooi is a recycle crafts wearhouse in Haarlem

Workshop Forest Spirit (2+) en (4+)

De Kleine Tuinman

create your forest elve, gnome or other magical being with clay, moss, branches and fantasy

Workshop Suncatcher (8+)


Come and make a natural window hanger with feathers, beads, leaves, twigs and anything else we can find! Mooizooi will bring an array of other recycled products that you can use!

Workshop wild picking (6+)

Sameena Seeds Sower

A special walk around the festival terrain to find and pick edible wild plants, for making a delicious pesto