Don’t underestimate the lounge area of this years festival! This magical place will give you the space to relax, unwind and chill out, but also gives you the beats that will move your body and soul. From ambient, downtempo, psy-dub, world music, deep house, techno to reggae. Lots of different styles and flavours, all in a chill out atmosphere.

In this area you will also find the smartbar, hosted by next level, with a wide range of herbal choices for your health and well being. And ofcourse the icebus, hosted by Georgio Galato, will be there to provide you with soothing organical ice-cream. Be welcome and feel free to chill out loud!

This area is hosted by:

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Psybient, psydub, sacred bass, psybass and progressive psychedelic downtempo music

=FLOYD= started his psychedelic journey in 2003. He was drawn to the chill-out areas at festivals like Ozora, Sonica, Boom, Serpent Rainbow etc.
These events kick started his passion for DJ’ing again (before 2003 he was playing mainly regular chill-out and blunted beats at small events/places).
Soon he was posting psybient mixes on Soundcloud and Mixcloud.
From psybient music his taste gravitated toward psydub, sacred bass, psybass and progressive psychedelic downtempo music.
In 2016 =FLOYD= got envolved with, and he started a weekly podcast called ‘Golden Ratio’. In the first 2 seasons of ‘Golden Ratio’ he expanded his knowledge into psybient music and DJ skills. For the 3th season he chose to give other DJ’s & producers a chance to reach out into the psychedelic world by offering them a 2 hours podcast.
In the summer of 2017 he joined the newly formed Dutch Gaia Psybient Music - crew. They offer a platform for DJ’s and producers and are working on a VA release.

In 2006 he got his first gig as a psybient DJ at a Burning Man event in Paris. From that moment on he played at various events: WMS events in Ghent, Zodiak Club (Brussels), After Sunrise @ Petrol (Antwerp), Solstice Festival & Radiate (Amsterdam), Psy Klub (Nijmegen), Lost in Summertime (Lembeke), and so on.

=FLOYD= strives to reach a positive harmony in his mixes with tracks that have enough ‘body’ to reach the listening/dancing crowd and sharing a full body & mind experience with them.


psychedelic downtempo

Aeonium, named after a genus of succulent plants, is the psychedelic downtempo alias of Wageningen based producer Maurits "momo" Nieuwenhuis. Preceeding his first release on Gaia Psybient by Zaftra Morgen and Invisible Ralf, Aeonium has been producing and releasing music under various other titles, specialising in ambience and atmosphere. Though digital production takes the foreground, momo has been playing instruments as long as he could walk, and now plays some 10 different instruments which, together with field and sound recordings, find their way into the digital process. Working on the field ranging from psychedelic ritual music to dark ambient drones and experimental soundtracks, rhythmic (non)instrumental eclectic soundwords and deep diving dreamlike drifting, Aeonium will take you on an auditory journey to revitalise any lost wonderlust!

Aerosol Workshop

Oskar Alien & Felix Newhouse

A spraypaint workshop by decor artists Oskar Alien & Felix Newhouse, who will demonstrate the basics of using spraypaint in creating psychedelic decoration, and ask the public to participate in the process. The end result will be displayed for the rest of the festival at the chillout loud area.



"Astrid is a female TripHop DJ Music producer stage named Ashgard. She is a believer in the infinite power of love and its ability to overcome fear, and through her open heart flows happiness, purity and magical joy.

She is born in Holland and breathing Amsterdam, and she currently following her dream to share love and passion through music. With positivity and optimism as her important tools, she will never rest to spread out colorful vibes. She believes in her ability to create her own style, inspired by great artists such as Loreena Mckennitt, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Thievery Corporation and Erykah Badu, just to name a few. From the Ashes she is ready to spread her wings like a phoenix rising - obtaining new life - Hildegard Von Bingen was her connection.

She gets inspired by humans, nature, animals and plants. She loves what she sees around her - vulnerability and spirituality - and there she seeks to meditate when she needs a moment for herself to grow."


Downtempo, Psydub en Chill

I listen to electronic music for about 25 years.Trance music came 2000bc in my life. About 7 years ago i started with Djing. I like to play with several styles and genres. Trance(progressive, Fullon en forest), Psydub, Deep, Techno , Downtempo (Eastern)Trap and Chill. I love (Sub) Bass music and nice uplifting melodies with natural and shamanic elements.

De Nachtpapegaai

"De Nachtpapegaai, or night parrot, is one of the most elusive and mysterious birds in the world, with no known sightings of the bird between 1912 and 1979, leading to speculation that it was extinct. But at the Living Village there is a chance to see him flap its wings. The music that he plays is warm, colourful and meditative – “Like making tantric love on the dancefloor”, reports a dancer. And when the dancefloor wants to dance, there be dancing, on rumbling drums, vicious beats and electronic world rhythms from the deepest depths of the cosmic ocean. De Nachtpapegaai will take things slow in the Magical Forest on Sunday and play some enthralling voodoohop and sufi vibes.

Deep Filip

Deep house, proggresive house, minimal/deep tech, downtempo

"Psychologist by day, DJ by night, Rotterdam based Deep Filip has always been passionate about music. Driven by curiosity, he took some keyboard and percussion lessons in his youth but never pursued his passion as a musician until 2010 when he discovered the electronic music scene. In 2012 he took his first shots on his DJ controller and started creating mixes and podcast. Attracted by the growing techno and tech house sound in the Netherlands he dipped his toes into these genres. Along the years he started discovering the sounds of deep house, progressive house, minimal and deep tech. Slowly merging with the sounds of downtempo, world and oriental music.
“My musical variety is quite diverse, as you can see in my repertoire. But to me, good music is not defined by genres or styles. I like to play whatever touches my heart, makes my heart skip a beat or creates an unstoppable feeling of yearning for the dance floor. And this is the very message I wish to share with my audience.”
“Whatever I play, whenever I play, I always put my heart and soul in it. Always trying to convey a message of love, light and joy. I am inspired by many great names and truly appreciate the artists producing the wonderful sounds of the world. This creates an outlet for me to share my message.”
“Music connects people, creates meaningful relationships and sheds some light on the dark days we sometimes experience. I believe every person is able to create and shape like an artist, we just need to open our eyes and hearts to see the endless possibilities.”



"When DepGlobe was about 8 years old he started listening to Dutch radio shows like “The Rock and Roll Method” and became a fan of Gene Vincent, Elvis and The Beatles. He bought his first 12” single in 1981 and that was New Order’s “Everything’s Gone Green” But it wasn’t New Wave only, men like Patrick Cowley and Giorgio Moroder had their influence on DepGlobe as well in the early 80-ties. Inspired in 1983 by Ben Liebrand, DepGlobe started making his own mixes. His “cut and paste” mixes were played at high school parties and he started DJ-ing at student parties. From 1998 until 2003 he made several mix CD’s in three different genres: ClubSession 1-7, GlobalTrance 1-6 and influenced by John Creamer, Stephane K, Lemon8 and Deep Dish he started his Massive Progressive Series 1-6 and spread them among friends.

In the years to follow it became more and more clear that DepGlobe’s style is Progressive, although DepGlobe’s favorite tracks are sometimes hard to describe; is it progressive techno, is it just progressive, techno, tech house or deep house? Since 2011 DepGlobe is present on SoundCloud and after publishing his Lowlands Series he started DepGlobe’s NoEgo Sounds in November 2011. Since that time DepGlobe was present on United Radio, InsomaniaFM, Frisky Radio and several other radio shows. Doing gigs in Belgium, Italy, the UK, The Netherlands at DOK and Schuim and became a resident DJ at the RLGC44 in Amsterdam.

It aren’t his mixing skills that makes his sets great, he actually calls himself a very boring mixer, but’s it’s all about the flow he wants to bring you in. The flow that starts sometimes at only 116bpm’s with that simple but very distinguished and carefully selected progressive sounds that even have a better influence on your brain then what Trance Music wants to establish. DepGlobe only uses only a few knobs on his controller to make the transition a trip on his own respecting the original track as much as possible just the way as the producer of the track wanted it to sound. Depending on the crowd, atmosphere and time, his sets might take over 7 hours. So close your eyes and let me take you on a trip around the world and back. Let my body do the moving and let my hands do the soothing. Let me show you the world in my eyes."



"Inspired by his Persian roots, DivanA enchants the audience with genre-bending tunes from all around the world. He has been playing at clubs, festivals, workshops & raves for over ten years (previously under his other alias Navcore). As a resident DJ of Odessa Amsterdam and Ecstatic Dance Rotterdam, he intuitively tunes in to the crowd and communicates with them in the language of music. Expect an unexpected blend of ethnic beats, psychedelic grooves, tribal vibes, jazzy flavors, funky house & other fusion styles. ​
He will play a dedicated chillout set at the Chill Out Loud stage and a groovy uptempo set at the Machine Elves stage."

Dj Fev-elina

tribal, world, dub, reggae, trance, ambient

"Deejay Fev-elina is difficult to put in a box since she doesn't play just one music style, she love's a lot of different music and doesn't want to fixate herself on just one kind of music.
She has a big music-collection with a lot of different genres so its every time a challenge for her to create a different atmosphere according to the place and audience.
It's a potpourri of all kinds of music, according to which kind of evening & audience there is) but her heart goes out to ""Global"" in all kinds & colours, by example: Balkan, Gypsy, Arab, Turkish, India, Bellydance, African, Salsa, Raga, Reggae, Dub, Tribe and divers fusions between all of this with a lot of natural instruments like a lot of drums, didgeridoo, sitar), sometimes very traditional and sometimes mixed with chill tunes (Ambient,Lounge,Meditation) or electronic music (Jungle, Drum&Bass, Trance, Electro, Tribe), so the music she plays is very powerful, rhythmic & danceable or layback and relaxing."

DJ Jozefien

Minimal Techno

"JOZEFIEN is a new, fresh & energetic upcoming Minimal, Techno DJ.
Behind her work as a singer and passion for Brazilian music (Bossa Nova & Samba), is she also 'host' from the weekly radio show ""Dufngeon Signals"" on Pure .

Dj Miss Sympathy

Energetic House

"DJ Miss Sympathy is synonymous with atmospheric, energetic house with an unmistakable hint to the early days.

Though she started spinning a few years ago, Miss Sympathy is deeply rooted in the nightlife of both Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Having worked and danced alongside dj's Jean, Peter Gelderblom en Marco V already in her younger years, clubbing in the Netherlands has no surprises for her anymore.
Building engagement quickly as a house dj after getting the 'Master' degree at DJ School Amsterdam,

If you want to listen to her Sound and dance to the beat come to see her spin records at the living village on the 23 th of June 2018 from 17:00-19:00 uur at Dalfsen!"

Dj Zaftra Morgen

psychedelische chill out

"Zaftra was born in the mid-sixties and is inspired by the music of that era, which includes Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane. She lives in Nijmegen and is becoming a household name in the Dutch psychedelic scene. The use of psilocybin mushrooms was what caused Zaftra to become familiar with these genres. They grabbed her and have not let her go, partly because she feels healed by the music.
Zaftra has her own Youtube channel and Mixcloud page, where she shares the best ambient and psybient music with her loyal listeners. They hold her musical choices in high regard.
Her sets are focused on pure followers to chill out music and who wants a set that breathes and fits, where the selection and sequence of the tracks are more determined by ""flow"" and ""vibe"" than bpm's.

It was only a matter of time before she had to share her love of hypnotic music with an even larger group of like-minded individuals. This led to her first live sets, which range from two to four hours.

Her track choice is determined by harmonic atmospheres combined with somewhat spell out spheres. ""Electronic music has to tell you a story, a story that you create, accompanied by the music of the musicians.""
Zaftra operates in association with Gaia Psybient Music.


Electronic World

I´m a Dutch DJ who started playing electronic music with vinyl for about 15 years ago. Back then i got hooked on the Dutch Gabber style. After a while i stardet to play fewer bpm´s and was more atracted to athmosferic and psychedelic sounds. About 2 years ago i ended up in Berlin,one of the most inspiring citys of europe and i picked up the beautifull electronic world sound. Nowdays i play a sweet mix of mostly Afrikan, Middle east, South Amerikan and melodic Club vibes. At the moment i play in clubs like Mensch Meier, Beate Uwe and Humbolthein Club.

Invisible Ralf

Ambient and Psybient

"Ralf was born in the year 1989 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
At the age of 10 he started to play the guitar which started the fascination for making music. After his high school he decided to study electronic music. He did two studies in 8 years and finished with a bachelor degree in 2016 as a composer at HKU, Utrecht. He has composed and released various styles of music with different aliases. He also did live electronics and DJing for more than a decade. Ambient and Psybient has become one of his favorite genres to compose. Next to composing autonomic music, Ralf also composes and performs for theatre, dance and film."

Lady Lucid


"Dj Lady Lucid will be our second-last act. She will bring back the energy flow in the last hours of the festival to all gathered at the Chill Out Loud Area. This dj is known to pump up the volume and will do this with lower bpm, but with the same energy as she is known for. Enjoy this electronic journey with Lady Lucid! Make sure you don't miss it!

Minus 25


Minus 25

After a decade in the harddance scène, he decided it was time for an evolution. An evolution in to a more pure sound. With rolling basslines, epic acid sounds and dreaming pads it's time for a new chapter; Minus 25.

Minus 25 a.k.a. Barry is born and raised in Dalfsen. He started dj-ing in 2005 with vinyl and became a true vinyl lover. Particularly the ones loaded with heavy acid in them. His own tracks are inspired by those sounds and one of his goals is to release his own techno tracks on vinyl.

Withness the premier of this new act on The Living Village for a true Minus 25 experience!

Pieter Legel

baile funk to groovy techno

"Meet Pieter Legel, the Amsterdam based dj with a keen intuition for finding the most unique tracks without losing himself in obscurity.
Pieter has always been a raver with his heart and soul, a child trapped in a grown-up body. His path to DJ-ing was rather unorthodox, from visiting raves to being an ecological activist organizing parties in his homeland and finally, more or less at the insistence of friends, getting into playing his favorite music to crowds all over Holland.
He's currently scouted for one of the prominent Dutch booking-agencies HJCKD.AM and only words of praise are heard about his eclectic sets ranging from anything between baile funk to groovy techno.
A Track a Day: 'Imagine our surprise when we received some work by this guy, superb sets with lots of influences, and literally not a single artist or title we recognized We met Pieter at the SEKOIA closing party, where-after he send us some material which left us baffled.'
Pieter is regularly seen in and around Amsterdam, for instance at the BAUHAUS raves and other initiatives, where he displays his versatile taste in anything that has rhythm, feeling and soul. Pieter also performs his talent on a regular basis with his show on Red Light Radio broadcasting from the famous Amsterdam red light district. At the 14th of July he has his debut on Sonar Festival, Barcelona and Paradiso, Amsterdam
Pieter Legel gives you a fantastic compilation of a vast array of styles, all mixed into smooth supersonic shows."


Downtempo, Ambient, Techno

Raas produces music from techno to ambient and everything that fits in between, on the edges or outside of it. Harvesting sounds from everyday objects, hardware synths and fieldrecordings his tracks are bound to sound unique and represent all that he loves in music. His liveset travels from ambient, downtempo to house and techno to guarantee a sonic journey.

Resi Beatz

Downtempo, Psydub en Chill


Psybient, Ambient, Goa, Acid

"Richard J-K has been spinning records at various dance parties, squat’s, street parades and festivals since he was in his teens. If it was playing Acid, techno at the Repetitiehuis, A psychedelic trance in the Ruigoord church, dub/reggae at the legalize parade or taking a Twisted trip at the Psy-fi festival Richard J-K still brings his love for vinyl to the dance floor.
At the living village chill-out stage Richard J-k is going to serve you with a 5 course menu for your ears. A dreamy bite, an uplifting mystic soup, a dubbie appetizer, a funkedelic groovy main with drops of acid tech and for desert an psychedelic twist.


Shamanic Downtempo through dreamy Oriental and South American electronic music

Samaya is a Venlo-based DJ, as well as the founder/curator of the Shivelight YouTube channel, focusing in both endeavors on music with spiritual, ethnic, tribal and psychedelic vibes. During his sets, Samaya takes you on a journey, exploring the worlds of Shamanic Downtempo through dreamy Oriental and South American electronic music.

Thommie G

deep, melodic, slow house and tribaL

"Thomas (1979) combines organic sounds and rhythms to his productions, carrying the listener to places beyond their audio system. His sets start out nice and slow, and rise to intense levels, capturing the audience on a trip through carefully selected sounds and productions.
His style touches elements of deep, melodic, slow house and tribal. He produces di erent sounds for di erent occasions, mostly by himself, so- metimes joining forces with other musicians, delivering remixes for artists around the globe.
And with success: his rst solo EP, titled Athinouk, was released on Tropical Twista Records in May 2016. This was the start for many more releases on labels like Amsterdam based Whirling Wolf, Wildfang Records, Cosmic Awakenings and Heimlich.
His music is played by a number of DJ’s such as Mira, Eelke Kleijn, Oce- anvs Orientalis, the notorious Voodoohop collective from Brazil, Urban Cosmonaut Radio collective and more."

Underground Tacticz

ghetto funk to techno, disco with a pinch of hiphop