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Boemboe Bus

Indonesisch eten

De Boemboe Bus wokt smaakvolle gerechten uit Indonesie recht voor je neus! Volledige gezonde maaltijden, maar ook soep en lekkere snacks. Noodles, nasi, tofu curry, pisang goreng, loempia's of bakwan met huisgemaakte verse sauzen. Tropishe shakes en smoothies om het helemaal af te maken. We maken trouwens ALLES zelf. Biologisch en Echt Indonesisch.


Bio Friet

Buitenbintje Our Friet and Friet à Mientjes Buitenbintje has everything to get through a festival well; salt, fat & vitamins! Buitenbintje uses Bintjes for the fries. This is a classic with a soft taste. By the Buitenbintje team, the potato is washed by hand, freshly cut and fried with skin. We use rice oil for frying. it is soft and neutral, which preserves the natural flavors of the potato. The mayonnaise is sugar-free and tastes delicious with our home-made mild sambal. Buitenbintje bakes a deliberate fries served with passion & unrefined Himalayan salt. Besides the fresh fries Buitenbintje also sells Friet à mientjes. These are apple fries sprinkled with grated coconut and a topping of cinnamon.

De Banananaan

Sandwiches and snacks

Every monkey needs his bananas! Come check out what our special Chef brews in his BANANANAAN caravan! 

de Vrolijke Fruitbar

Smoothies, soep, fruit en pasta

Do you remember, Vrolijke Fruitbar, Joepie een Soepie en Happy Peppie Pasta

Food Waste Company

Maaltijd soep en vega snacks

Giorgio Gelato

Italian Ice Cream

Giorgio Gelato serves organic ice cream from farmers of the region. We would like to let the visitors of the Living Village Festival taste our delicious organic ice cream!


Maaltijden, snacks en drinken

Our food stand offers a wide variety of whole food, plant-based food and drinks. A menu full of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, but also with drinks, snacks, sweets and desserts. All food is well-considered, organic, and free from refined sugar. There are also gluten free options. We'd like to share our love for food and show you how tasty plant-based food can be! Enjoy our food together with family and friends in our ''living room''. We hope you get inspired!

Indialicious vegan

Indiaas en Ayurvedisch eten

Indialicious Vegan Goodies: The Taste & Aroma’s will Awaken your Senses.

ITAL Djo’s

Curry, warme dranken en limonade

Tasty food

Izza More


Izza's are not just pizza's. They are made in the monstrously beautiful self-made wood-oven of this nomadic pizza-tent called 'Izza More'. Izza More produces delicious vegetarian Izza's combined with More: random quirky side-projects, like burning fire statues, scrolling pizza's around on zip-lines and boiling hottubs on the wood of their oven.

Lekker Nassûh

Sandwiches and Salades

Madamme Jeannette

Thai Curry en smoothies

Madame Jeannette loves to feed you healthy, plantbased fusion food.



With a thoughtful blending of cultural politics, an ironic sense of humor, DIY principles and a genuine love for people and flavours from across our globe, Rammenas creates some of the best veggieburgers you may ever have!

Sacred Circle Chai Shop

Chai en soep

The Sacred Circle Chai Shop, located on the Temple Grounds, is a warm nest with a family flavored atmosphere. We invite you in our handcrafted tent, to come enjoy a hearty soup with a slice of wholesome bread or a good cup of fresh chai/indigenous herbal tea with a piece of home made cake! We look forward to welcoming you with great pleasure and joy to our circle of life!

Seb Organics


Fresh organic soup, sold straight from the bike!

Stimulation Station

Koffiebar en snacks

Conscious Coffee, Tea, Chai & Vegan Foods by The Stimulation Station In the core The Stimulation Station is an expression of pure passion and Love in action. Passion for conscious products and Love for our planet and everything that lives on it. With a passion for connective events where Life is celebrated, Love becomes tangible and the longing to add an ingredient to them by active participation and presenting a healthy and natural lifestyle. All of this based on the philosophy of the Interconnectedness of All That Is, translated itself to the manifestation of a conscious coffee & vegan foods shop that travels throughout Belgium and Holland, to add our flavor to all kinds of events. It all started with a deep love and passion for good (fair trade and superb tasting) coffee. Our partner, Dolce Alchemia, is a small scale roaster based in Amsterdam and the owner, Josh guarantees us the best 100% biological direct trade coffee beans coming from farmers where we have an established partnership with. Direct trade, for us, is true fair trade. Part of the beans are being roasted by us, on spot with our 150 year old iron-casted roaster. We grind them up right after roasting and make the coffee in the traditional Italian way: Bialetti style. For the customers who are not that much into coffee we got some all biologic fresh herbal teas (different kinds of uplifting ginger teas and fresh Moroccan Mint tea) or a cup of our famous Indian black masala chai. And with a nice cup of tea or coffee you can always use a sweet snack on the side, right? We thought so too! Because we are animal-cruelty free (the whole shop/every product in it is ALL VEGAN!) – we feel no living being should suffer for our injoyment of life – we came up with a whole range of vegan pastries like brownies, carrotcake, bananacake, vegan chocolates and energyballs. If you don’t have such a sweet tooth, don’t worry: we got you covered! You can pass by our stand for a nice vegan tosti with mozzarella and pesto or Gouda cheese and Ajvar. We also bake our own biological Speltbread, with all kinds of seeds and herbs, served with selfmade humus or vegan americain spread. To keep our footprint on Pacha Mama as small as possible we only use biodegradable cups or other disposables, if you bring your own cup: even better! All of our ingredients are bought local as much as possible and we also donate our used coffee grinds to a local permaculture project. Because a healthy belly is a happy belly, most of our products are made without any sugar and we use alternative sweeteners like dates. Not to mention that our pastries are full of omega fatty acids because we use linseed instead of eggs as a thickening agent. It’s the little things in life that make the difference and this is how we like to contribute to a better, healthier and more conscious New Earth. This is our idea of a Conscious Coffee, Tea, Chai & Vegan Foods shop! Curious to how all our vegan yumminess tastes like? Wondering how a freshly roasted traditional Italian espresso smells? In desperate need of a cup of chai? Follow your nose or sixth sense and see you around at the flashy yellow tent!!! Natural energy and upliftment for all, here to stimulate all your senses! The Stimulation Station, at (y)our service!

Tante Ans


Tante Ans make tasty panecakes with love and joy. Also for a handmade coffee or a chat you can visit Tante Ans in her pink caravan.

TribalBite Soulfood

Maaltijden en sorbets

TribalBite soulfood serves the best delicious vegan dishes you want! What to think of a Mexican wraps with Chili-sin-carne and lettuche, The famous 'Zwamburger': a verry nice organic sourdough sandwich with baked mushrooms, fresh salads and soups, and of course the famous TribalBite porridge-deluxe in the morning!!  

Zet & Setting

Koffiebar en snacks

"Zet, de m [-ten] het zetten: De koffie, het eindproduct, het brouwsel, het warme drankje in je kop. Setting, de/the : De omgeving, de sfeer." ""Setting" is the physical and social environment... a relaxed, curious person in a warm, comfortable and safe place is more likely to have a pleasant experience." The best compliment for us: if someone orders a cup of coffee and walks away with it, takes a zip after a few steps and then turns around to give us a little nod. If you enjoy what you do, then you pass it on to your guests, no doubt! Love is tangible, and you can taste this, that's for sure!